The Saint’s Spiritual Delight (eBook) | Monergism

Here is an excerpt:

Thomas Watson’s The Saint’s Spiritual Delight in .. includes his classic trilogy on meditation: The Saint’s Spiritual Delight, A Christian on the Mount, with A Christian on Earth Still in Heaven.

“But his delight is in the Law of the Lord.” – Psalm 1:2

Psalm one may fitly be entitled, “the Psalm of Psalms”, for it contains in it the very pith and quintessence of Christianity. What Hierom says of Paul’s epistles, the same may I of this Psalm; it is short for the composure—but full of length and strength for the matter. This Psalm carries blessedness in the frontispiece; it begins where we all hope to end. It may well be called A Christian’s Guide, for it discovers the quicksands where the wicked sink down in perdition, verse 1; and the firm ground on which the saints tread to glory, verse 2. The text is an epitome and breviary.

Download the book via The Saint’s Spiritual Delight (eBook) | Monergism.


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