7 Things to Remember Before You Quit a Pastorate | The Christward Collective

Here is an excerpt:

While it is difficult to determine the precise percentage, almost all studies have shown that the average pastor leaves a church within the first five years of ministry there. Though reasons for this vary from situation to situation, this much we can be sure of: Far too many pastors quit when they begin to come up against the difficulties and discouragements that come along with pastoral ministry. Here are seven things that every pastor must remember when tempted to quit a particular pastoral ministry:

1. It’s Easy to Quit. In the early days of our church plant, there were many times that I wanted to quit. The challenges of church planting–while on one hand are the same kind of challenges that every pastor faces–tend to be exponentially heightened because of the lack of funds, elders, people with gifts and competition with more established churches. Whenever I felt as though I was coming to an end of myself and wanting to walk away, the Lord would bring that Proverb to mind, “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small” (Proverbs 24:10). Anyone can walk away. Our society teaches us that whenever things get old, stale or hard, just get something new. Get a new car, a new job or a new marriage. We must resist this mindset when we face complacency, trials and needs in ministry.

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