Books on the Cross of Christ –


Here is an excerpt:

Every Christian ought to want to know more of the Father’s great love for us and our Savior’s dying work for us in the atonement. The cross is at the heart of the Gospel, the heart of the Christian faith and the heart of the Christian life. The cross of Christ is at the very center of Gospel proclamation, and thus a thorough, biblical grasp of this central truth is necessary for every Gospel minister.

The following lists and the following select, annotated bibliography are intended for growing Christians and Gospel ministers who are thirsting for more good material that will aid them in deepening their understanding of the meaning and significance and consequences of the death of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope that these reading suggestions will be helpful to many not only as a “must read” list on the atonement for themselves, but also as a list that could be recommended by them for the use of other church leaders and members.

If you have no idea where to start, look at the following lists of suggestions. If you don’t know anything about the books in the various lists provided, take a look at the annotations to the full alphabetical bibliography following. In those annotations I hope to provide enticing and summarizing comments that will help draw you to books that will be helpful to your soul and ministry.

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