HaitiLove is a ministry of the local church that exists to glorify God by loving Haitians through education, proclamation, service, and prayer. It is our practice to connect Haitian and American churches for mutual edification that results in healthy local churches that reproduce themselves and transform their communities.

Our heart is for Christ and his glory through the Church. He died to make one people, expressed in healthy local churches. All churches everywhere have a certain degree of health and malady. Many times, Haitian Christians tend to understand community and  following Christ in the face of harsh circumstances better than American Christians do. With that said, many American Christians have experienced significant theological education and instruction. It is not uncommon to find a Haitian “Christian” who does not own a Bible. Likewise, it is not uncommon to find an American “Christian” that thinks one can follow Christ without spending time with God’s church. We have much to learn from one another. We believe the trailhead to church health is preaching. Specifically, preaching through the Bible, section by section, explaining its meaning as found in the authors original intention. Then applying this meaning to one’s current cultural context. This practice is uncommon for many Haitian churches and tends to result in church members who know about the Bible, yet they are not sure about its over all meaning and intention. This approach hinders the affirmation and application of robust theology and therefore hinders people in churches and communities from living as God would have them live. In short, robust theological preaching can transform people and churches who then transform communities for the fame of Christ.

With this trend in view, we labor for the revitalization of Haitian churches through the teaching of theology as a matter of discipleship. We do this through relationships. Sometimes that means conversations over coffee, other times it means small conferences with church leaders, other times it means we do conferences in churches at the request of the pastors. Mostly, this type of work is a complex mix of mutual respect, encouragement, listening, teaching, relationship, and patience with one another.

Our hope is that Haitian churches would view themselves as members of a global people with a global responsibility in the Great Commission. And, that this truth would compel them to plant new vibrant churches in underserved areas of Haiti. And, that they would send cross cultural missionaries to unreached peoples around the world.  We are confident that, one day, Haitian churches will raise up men and women who will be sent out into the whitening harvest around the world.

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