There’s Sin…And Then There Are “Sins”? | The Christward Collective

Here is an excerpt:

I was recently introduced to the phrase, “going-to-hell sin.” This intrigued me because, from my own studies of Scripture when I was a young Christian, I always thought it was clear that all sins were “going-to-hell sins.” But apparently not. Hollywood certainly has us thinking that they are not. You can hardly watch a movie in which hell is mentioned without reference to a character who has done some particularly terrible things–as over against other characters who are doing smaller, less “hell-deserving,” evils. So, obviously, some sins send you to hell, and others…well, don’t?Consider for a moment the dynamics of this way of thinking–even within the church. Many say, “We all know that sin is deserving of hell.” Almost all biblically knowledgeable Christians would agree with the truth that the “wages of sin is death” Rom. 6:23–eternal death in Hell being the fullest expression of that outcome. Why then would we in thought perhaps more than in word suggest that some sins are more hell-worthy than others? There are several reasons.First, because some sins are worse i.e. more heinous than others in nature. After all, this is what the Westminster Shorter Catechism teaches us:”Q 83: Are all transgression of the law equally heinous?A:  Some sins in themselves, and by reason of several aggravations, are more heinous in the sight of God than others.”

via There’s Sin…And Then There Are “Sins”? | The Christward Collective.


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