The Most Important Overlooked Doctrine (Part 2) – Feeding on Christ

Here is an excerpt:

In the previous post we briefly considered the biblical teaching on what is commonly called definitive sanctification. In this post we want to briefly consider yet another aspect of the biblical teaching on sanctification which has been equally overlooked or downplayed–namely, positional sanctification. The idea of positional sanctification has sometimes been considered to be an aspect of definitive sanctification–in addition to the radical breach with sin; however, I tend to think it is a distinct aspect of sanctification that happens simulaneous with definitive sanctification. In this way, both definitive and positional sanctification are foundational to our progressive sanctification. If definitive sanctification stands at the head of progressive sanctification, so too does positional sanctification. Positional sanctification assures us that we will continue in progressive sanctification since we are united to the Sanctified One–Jesus Christ–and are, therefore, already perfected in holiness in Him. It will help us to consider more fully what positional sanctification is and what difference does it makes to my life as a Christian?

via The Most Important Overlooked Doctrine (Part 2) – Feeding on Christ.


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