Pitfalls of Parachurch – Feeding on Christ

Here is an excerpt:

1) Parachurch ministries tend to make their thing the thing.  Sometime last year, I attended a parachurch fundraiser for a significant adoption agency. The keynote speaker stressed the importance of Christians either adopting or supporting adoption agencies in order to make the process easier for Christian families who are themselves eager adopt. While I am entirely supportive of this agency and their ministry, what I am not supportive of, is the way in which the keynote speaker made those present feel as though–if they were truly wanting to live obedient lives for Jesus–they should be either adopting or supporting agencies like the one he was representing. A deep sense of unjust guilt came crashing down on my conscience after the talk, because the speaker had crossed the line and entered the sphere of unbiblicaly binding our consciences. This, in turn, got me asking myself the question, “Why am I so bothered by the manner with which this was pressed upon us?”

The next day, I called a close friend to talk about my concerns about the obligatory language that was used at the event. My friend responded with what I deem one of the most profound thoughts on this subject. He said, “Nick, every parachurch ministry makes their thing the thing.” They are not there to talk about matters of salvation per se. They are not there to talk about how to live godly lives in the covenant community and in the world per se. Neither are they there to talk about the call of our Lord to carry out the evangelization of the world through the local church. Rather, they exist to make a niche (albeit good) cause the thing of Christian living. Herein lies the danger. Adoption is a good, right and beautiful thing. It is one of the best ways for us to battle the evil of abortion. It is something gloriously used by God to bring children to Himself–who might otherwise never hear the Gospel–by placing them in Christian homes where they are taught the Scriptures and the Gospel. But, it would be wrong to suggest that it is commanded by God. To bind the consciences of the people of God with a specific cause (no matter how good and lawful it might be), if it has not been commanded by God, can become a dangerous thing.

via Pitfalls of Parachurch – Feeding on Christ.


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